Continuing Veterinary Medical Education



  1. The Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants.


  1. To provide specialized continuing education relevant to intense and sophisticated dairy herd management, with emphasis on larger herd sizes.

  2. To stimulate communication within the group by providing opportunities and the environment for one-on one and small group discussions.

  3. To foster the development of a network of resource people for problem solving.

  4. To use our collective influence, when appropriate, to educate and motivate others to address areas of need concerning dairying and dairy cattle.

Membership:    To sign up please contact Dale Moore or Bill Sischo

  1. Active: Veterinarians active in dairy herd practice, including private practice, government service, institutional practice, and industrial practice.

  2. Associate: Non-veterinarians with professional activities appropriate to membership.


  1. Annual dues are set by the officers of the association and approved by the membership by a simple majority of those present at the annual meeting.  Minimum dues are $150.00/year. 

  2. Annual dues include registration for the annual meeting, handouts, and such mailings as directed by the officers.

  3. Extra fees will be charged for late registration at the annual meeting.


  1. Officers of the association will be the President and President-Elect.  They will be elected at the Annual Meeting and serve a one year term.

  2. The President-Elect will automatically become the President at the next Annual Meeting.

  3. The Governing Board will be comprised of the Past-President, President, and President-Elect.

  4. The Governing Board also may appoint a Secretary, Treasurer, and such other assistants as are necessary.

  5. The Governing Board will offer to the membership nominations for President-Elect.  Open nominations from the membership will be accepted at the annual election.

  6. Officers and Appointees will serve without pay and are responsible for conducting the business of the association.


  1. Committees may be appointed as needed by the officers to study concerns and make suggestions to the officers and the membership.


  1. There will be a minimum of a one day program once yearly.

  2. Written handouts or transcripts of the meetings will be provided to every paid Active and Associate member of the Academy.

  3. There will be a business portion of the Annual Meeting to include election of officers, current financial report, and general membership session to discuss any and all membership concerns.


  1. Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, will govern conduct of meetings when not covered by the By-Laws.

  2. In the event of dissolution of the Academy assets will be donated to the FACEP, UCD.  Amended 1998.

Amending the By-Laws:

  1. By-laws can be amended at a meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of active members present providing that membership was notified, in writing at their last know address, of proposed amendments at least 30 days prior to the vote.

  2. However, no previous notice is necessary if the proposed amendments pass by unanimous vote of active members present and voting.